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Why an "About Us" Video is a MUST for Small Businesses in 2021!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Lets get straight to the point. An About Us video will be your biggest ROI tool for your business if used correctly.

Yes, I said it. BIGGEST ROI tool in your business.

But before I get into why an "About Us" Video is a must, let me answer what is an "About Us" Video.

An About Us Video is a video that explains Who you are, What you do, and How you do it. Here are a few examples of "About us" Videos for reference:

REASON #1- Explanation of your Business

An "about us" video will explain your business more effectively and efficiently to your customers. How many times have you explained what you do and what you offer to people? Imagine hitting everyone with a "watch my video" instead and saving your that time of back and forth questions. You know what they say time is money.

REASON #2- Gain Trust and Comfort with your Clients

Before anyone buys a product or service, they want to trust the company they are hiring. That trust could take a few calls or even a few meetings to build. Why? because that person needs to get to know what you are about. Instead of talking why wouldn't you just show them with an "about us" video

REASON #3- Multiple Uses

An "about us" video can be used on multiple platforms for multiple reasons. An "about us" video is great on the home page of your website. It can be used for social media posts. Most effective, it can be used to show your business to potential clients or customers.

Now the most important question. How do you create a quality "about us" video? We have you covered.

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